Happy Halloween!

Don't trust your eyes and don't believe what they tell you on TV.
To all those who remember Halloween night 1992 and watching the "live" broadcast of Ghostwatch on BBC1, get those ducking apples out and scoop out those pumpkins because Mr Pipes is out and about this and every October 31st! .....

If you are fans of the programme, please support filmmaker Richard Lawden's attempt to get Ghostwatch: Behind the Curtains, a documentary on Ghostwatch, to your screens soon.
Till then... "Round and round the garden, like a teddy bear...."

(Screenwriter, Ghostwatch)

(Photo Credit: Jonathan Hall - Clerkenwell Films/ITV)


  1. Parky's comments about Ghostwatch on the blog on his new official website is fascinating, particularly when he talks about the young boy who committed suicide after watching the programme. Apparently, the young man found the show disturbing. Since the original TV broadcast in 1992, the special has never been aired on British television.


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