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A bit too quiet...

Happy 2013, Ghostwatchers! Wait, it's March, already?! Well, to be fair, we have been rather busy of late... Yes, over the past few months, molten picture and sound has been continually poured into cast-iron disc stampers, before being lovingly encased into hermetically-sealed pockets of retrospective goodness. You know what that means... Ghostwatch: Behind the Curtains is finally here. So, how/what/who/where/when can you pick up a copy? Simply head on over to to find out more info. In terms of content, the disc contains the teaser trailer and the full 90-minute main feature, itself. All major news/updates regarding release will be logged on the @Ghostwatch Twitter account, as usual. Interestingly, it seems that no-one caught the sneak peek of the cover published back in 2012... even with a sneaky clue in the article title, no less(!) Also this year, more PipesCasts may be coming! Yes, the long-gestating Ghostwatch radio show will hopefu