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Let's See What Happens When We Take Away The Puppy...

It's a rare and precious thing to feel such a degree of sadness and sorrow following the passing of somebody you hadn't yet had the good fortune to bump into someplace and share a smile, but even so, the recent passing of Harold Ramis still hit me as if somehow losing an old friend. I shall try not to ramble, particularly as I don't need to convince fans of anything they already know. I just felt compelled to mark this truly sad event in some small way. The legacy and influence of arguably, his most beloved character, Dr. Egon Spengler (so named after historian and philosopher, Oswald Spengler, and Hungarian refugee/classmate, Egon Donsbach), is as globe-spanning, as it is undeniable. I wonder just how many positive vibes have stemmed from us watching the adventures of this renowned, bespectacled, spores-moulds-and-fungus collector. Enough to bring the Statue of Liberty to life, and take her for a stroll down Fifth Avenue, at least. I vividly recall my mother first br