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Reece Shearsmith's Haunted House

During the first part of Reece Shearsmith's Haunted House for BBC Radio 4, Ghostwatch was given a much-appreciated mention by the esteemed panel (made up of Reece , Mark Gatiss , Vic Reeves and Yvette Fielding ). As the programme is only currently available for a limited period on the BBC iPlayer, here is a transcript: REECE: A famous bard once wrote, "there are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy". Maybe the BBC had this is mind when they, in 1992, presented, Ghostwatch - a wonderful, postmodern ghost story which has come to be known as a kind of hoax akin to Orson Welles' famous, War of the Worlds broadcast in 1938. It was a wonderfully produced documentary with all the trappings and the tropes of a live broadcast. Ghostwatch used a familiar cast of television presenters and it begins like this knockabout television investigation into the most haunted house in Britain, however before long, things start to go a bit wrong.  

You gonna write us a happy ending, Heather..?

After the recent explosion, popularity-wise, of the 'Reality Horror' sub-genre, the film series that helped bridge the gap between Hollywood and Indie film is now rumoured to finally become a trilogy . Co-creators of The Blair Witch Project , Dan Myrick and Ed Sanchez , are reportedly said to be closer than ever before to pitching their concept for Blair Witch III to Lionsgate , the studio who now own the movie rights. Intriguingly, the proposed third film in the series (at one point, set to be a ' The Village '-type endeavour, charting the rise and fall of Elly Kedward/The Blair Witch), may now be returning to its dark roots - acting as a straight sequel to the original, and bypassing the events of the critically-mauled second film, Book of Shadows altogether. Despite having met a grizzly end, presumably at the hands of the Witch herself, this could mean original stars, Heather Donahue , Joshua Leonard , and Michael Williams could also be returning, albeit in s

Well, this is... this is my favourite, I think.

Many thanks to Ghostwatch fan and Behind the Curtains supporter, Arfon Jones , for sending us this truly haunting piece of artwork depicting two of the main stars from the original film - Sir Michael Parkinson & Mr. Pipes. Any more Ghostwatch -themed artwork out there? If so, we'd love to see it! And don't forget... Tonight, BBC Four, 9.00pm.

Ghostwatch back on BBC... nearly.

On Tuesday night, the BBC is set to broadcast a one-off special entitled, Ghosts in the Machine just in time for Hallowe'en. You might have noticed in the upcoming TV listings that part of this spooky retrospective documentary (sound familiar?) will feature a short segment on Ghostwatch . A good sign for fans, surely. Especially when you consider Auntie's (until recently, it seems) long-assumed, steadfast reluctance to revisit the "legendary Hallowe'en Hoax", since it was first broadcast, now almost two decades ago. Who knows where this unexpected, new-found interest might lead? The first-ever repeat screening of the film, late one evening, perhaps? Or even the fabled 2-Disc Special 'BtC' Edition DVD arriving sometime in the not-too-distant future? ...We can only dream. In the meantime, as a special treat for the film's upcoming 17th birthday, here's a sneak peek at an early DVD menu design (as it happens, a Chapter Select screen). Any re

Fortean Times #67

GHOSTWATCH: Whatever Possessed Parkinson? " Ghostwatch was a dramatised investigation of "the most haunted house in Britain". The unremarkable three-bedroomed terrace house "in Foxhill Drive. Northolt, Middlesex" was home to divorcee Pam Early and her two daughters. They had been tormented for several years by voices, loud thumps in the walls and pipes, objects moving inexplicably around the house." ...Begins a five-page article written by Bob Rickard for Fortean Times magazine , published in 1993. The article simultaneously serves as a review, critique and dissection of the film and the unprecedented impact it had on viewers post-broadcast. It also features opinions from Stephen Volk, and others who contributed to the production, and even some comparisons (plot-wise) with the much-documented, true-life Enfield Potlergeist case . The article concludes with various paranormal experts being asked to voice their own opinions of the film - such as,