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What big eyes you have...

631,238,400 seconds. 10,520,640 minutes. 175,344 hours. 7306 days. 1043 weeks. 20 years. Happy Hallowe'en, Ghostwatchers - and also, Happy Twentieth Anniversary to Ghostwatch ! To mark this momentous occasion (and also National Séance 2012 which kicks off at 9:25pm tonight), our new Gloryhole page has been updated with practically EVERY Ghostwatch Story ever sent in to the BtC project - from our humble beginnings on YouTube around 2007(ish), onward. Many thanks as always to everyone who sent in a message! Ghostwatch Stories are one of the defining aspects of the show's legacy and have helped keep the old 'Hallowe'en Hoax' firmly in the public consciousness now for *just* over two decades. At some point, most of us have felt compelled to share our experiences (or even make a film!) concerning the show, and when combined, I think you'll agree, they make for some pretty fascinating reading. We've really enjoyed checking them out and hope to see m

Ghostwatch back on... CBBC?

During today's Hallowe'en edition of popular, kids' TV, nostalgia fest, 12 Again , a few of the interviewees discussed their experiences with spooky TV - ranging from The X Files to Most Haunted , 999 to Worzel Gummidge, and even Ghostwatch . It's truly remarkable how clips from one of the most infamous British Horrors can wind up being broadcast during the CBBC time-slot (how times have changed..!). Least of all when you consider the twenty year long (to date) gap between initial broadcast and now (which has yet to see a single repeat in full). Still, nice to see the show getting a mention in time for Hallowe'en. To check out the Spooky Special for yourself, click the image below and head to the 22:10 mark. Just be sure to shake your head incredulously when the "zombie" line comes up.

Oh, hang on... we're on!

Here we go... Be sure to head on over to if you want to catch the exclusive premiere of the trailer for Ghostwatch: Behind the Curtains - the upcoming retrospective documentary that's been five... actually, make that, twenty years in the making..! Release date is currently 2012 (in time for the show's 20th Anniversary) with more news on that front hopefully coming very soon indeed. Yes. If you can believe it, the finish line is finally in sight. Thank you so much for your support. Lesley Manning and I can't wait to show you what we've made together. Special thanks goes to Arfon Jones who created the wonderful original artwork for our announcement poster!

What's going on, like..?

Another little gem here, sent in from Rear Admiral Lieutenant General Symes of G&T Towers. In fact, it's something of a revelation... LITTLE KNOWN FACT: Craig Charles did not star in Ghostwatch . His role, was in fact, entirely portrayed by on-screen double, Lloyd Mullaney. And that's a hundred-percent true, that. It seems that during last night's episode of Coronation Street (specifically, the 7.30pm episode on Monday 1st Oct), a handful of old photographs were presented as undeniable proof that lovable character, Lloyd is father to a long-lost daughter, or something. And wouldn't you know it, one snapshot clearly shows old Doormouse Cheeks at the house in Foxhill Drive (specifically, the Early Family's kitchen), grinning away into camera with his own inimitable brand of chirpy, gerbil-faced optimism. Not only that, but this strangely-reminiscent image appears to bear a striking resemblance to the very same informative screen-grab headlining Craig's

Welcome to Fright Night..!

C U R T A I N S That special time of year, which brings a chill to your skin Has at long last arrived, twenty-twelve, ten months in Particularly unsettling, if by fortune, you are A fan of the show Ghostwatch , which left many a scar On the trusting minds of millions, both youthful and old And which, naturally, led to tall tales being told Some true, some false, but most of them, thrilling Like that man under the stairs, his face always grinning From behind jagged scars, crimson cuts and deep wounds Torn open by felines whom he obsessively groomed Fastidiously, hypnotically, as if in a trance   Hold up, wait a tick! What was that I just glanced? Swathed in a dark robe, buttoned up to the neck Look what I've become - a near-nervous wreck There's nothing there now, likely neither before My mind just playing tricks, as I open the door To my bedroom, oddly cold, with crisp frost on the floor My ears pick up a snarl, a meow and a hiss My hand starts to tremble,