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Greetings, Ghostwatchers!

Thanks to increasing popular demand over the years, we are proud to announce the opening of our brand-new Ghostwatch Merchandise Store! Be sure to head on over to our new SHOP page for all manner of Hallowe'en-related goodies, including exclusive to this site:

Mr. Pipes™ Collector's Figure - £19.92

As seen on the BBC's notorious Hallowe'en spoof, Ghostwatch!

Fully-poseable 12-inch collector's figure. Features authentic feline scratches, silk-effect robe and built-in sound FX - push the button on Pipes'™ back for realistic flesh-eating cat sounds or turn the figure upside down to hear the classic nursery rhyme, "Round and round the garden" in Mother Seddons'™ voice!

Comes complete with highly-detailed base, spring-loaded 'Gloryhole' cupboard door to surprise your friends, and 1/8 scale favourite pet cat, Fluffy™ - plus miniature Hallowe'en pumpkin and apples on string for full "poltergeist" effect!

Batteries not included. Accessories sold separately.

WARNING: Toy must not be used by those of a gullible disposition.

To check out our full range of truly f*****g terrifying merchandise, click here!


  1. Oh no, not April fools!! I really wanted to order this, it's awesome. Is there any way that you can seriously manufacture these dolls? Can I buy the one in the picture?


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