Ghostwatch back on... CBBC?

During today's Hallowe'en edition of popular, kids' TV, nostalgia fest, 12 Again, a few of the interviewees discussed their experiences with spooky TV - ranging from The X Files to Most Haunted, 999 to Worzel Gummidge, and even Ghostwatch.

It's truly remarkable how clips from one of the most infamous British Horrors can wind up being broadcast during the CBBC time-slot (how times have changed..!). Least of all when you consider the twenty year long (to date) gap between initial broadcast and now (which has yet to see a single repeat in full). Still, nice to see the show getting a mention in time for Hallowe'en.

To check out the Spooky Special for yourself, click the image below and head to the 22:10 mark. Just be sure to shake your head incredulously when the "zombie" line comes up.