"Kevin's sandwich! #Ghostwatch #NS13"

Greetings Ghostwatchers! This is just a quick note to say thank-you once again to everyone for making National Séance 2013 so memorable!

The evening kicked off with composer Philip Appleby releasing his brand-spanking new remix of the original Ghostwatch theme, followed by our annual repeat screening, and due to popular demand, even a last-minute Q&A for Behind the Curtains, straight after.

And then came the Tweets. And more Tweets. And more Tweets. And then a few more. All night long. To check out a predictably-wide selection of some of the best, visit the @Ghostwatch Favourites list and scroll down to those dated, 31 October 2013.

The night's discussion went fantastically well, as always, with even one or two new points and theories being put forward. Notably, @TheCultDen argued how Dr. Pascoe stating that Kimmy's description of Pipes had never been disclosed to the public was incorrect, as earlier in the show, the young Ms. Early had presented Sarah with a pencil drawing of the ghost that would undoubtedly have influenced the show's audience. Excellent point!

Soon after, everyone's favourite Ghostbusters site, @ProtonCharging sent a kind message of support, and by the evening's end, we were even offered a complimentary writing implement by @MikeParkerpen. At one point, rather aptly, @Mumoss seemed to sum up the entire event in just one simple Tweet:

...before going on to describe the doc as "Absolutely bloody fantastic". As did @bohaynowell who also said it was "Excellent", and @WertherEffekt who described both the film and recently-released Companion Book as being "Wonderful" and "Great additions to the show". So there.

In fact, lots of contributors were not only requesting a repeat of Ghostwatch on the Beeb (which many of us have been asking now, for years), but also a televised screening of the doc itself, which is very humbling indeed. Hey, Auntie - we're game, if you are! The viewing public has spoken...

Coming next year: National Séance 2014! But then, you've probably already guessed that. Until next time, thanks again, Ghostwatchers, try not to have sleepless nights. :)

(PS: my personal fav message of the night is the very title of this blog - as Tweeted by @Snavenai)