"Happy Hour" - Upstairs At The Gatehouse until 28th May!

Greetings, Ghostwatchers!

Rather excitingly, news has reached us that Ghostwatch Director, Lesley Manning is helming a bold new production, Happy Hour. The comedy-drama, written by Andy Walker will run Upstairs At The Gatehouse, Highgate Village, until the 28th of May.

Press Night was just last evening and tickets are now available at the award-winning London Fringe Theatre, well-known for its varied programme of drama, musicals and... well, fringe theatre.

Enticing blurb incoming!

HAPPY HOUR tackles a truly universal subject – alcohol addiction.

It’s a problem that knows no borders, affecting people of all classes, ethnicities and ages.

Writer Andy Walker mines his own personal experience of battling drink to create an imaginative blend of comedy and drama.

The play shines a light of hope into some dark corners of human pain, suffering and dysfunction.

The narrative explores the life of drinker JACQUI with warmth and humour. She’s a mother and grandmother, but increasingly her main motivation in life is poured from a wine bottle.

This is a situation that is becoming more and more common in the real world. Alcohol abuse amongst women is increasing at an unprecedented rate.

It’s a blight on many lives, destroying individuals, relationships and families. Yet the excess drinking of alcohol is often seen not only as socially acceptable, but also as a source of amusement.


As we all know, Ghostwatch was very carefully and intentionally staged. From a directing standpoint, the degree of ego-less precision that gave it both life and longevity is a rare gift of Lesley's that has transposed inexorably to the boards. I cannot recommend enough that you take the opportunity to check out hers and Andy's latest personal exploration of the complexities of contemporary life. And if you can, do report back here to share your thoughts!

Also, if you rock up and happen to bump into Lesley by the stage door (crucially, not between 19th-22nd as she won't be there), quietly mention that Rich has sent you, and she might just even sign your DVD or Blu-ray copies of you-know-what. Actually, the chances are she'll do that in any event. Possibly, a smidgen even more likely if you simply present said copy alongside a shiny silver marker in total silence.  Until next time... try not to have sleepless nights.

Photos: @rosskphoto @RossKernahan