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Greetings, Ghostwatchers!

Anyone familiar with the show's Wikipedia page will surely be aware of this quote:

"... Sarah Greene had advertised the programme on her Saturday morning children's show Going Live. This had included a 'visit' to the location of the 'haunting' and gave the impression that she was taking part in a 'reality show' and not a drama."

Recently, we were lucky enough to check out three full editions of Going Live! to verify this longstanding claim - dated, 24.10.92 (the week before transmission), 31.10.92 (the day the show went out) and 7.11.92 (the week after), but alas, no mention of Ghostwatch could be found.

Unless anyone has any additional episodes of Going Live! available for viewing (if so, by all means, drop us a line), it appears as though yet another Ghostwatch-inspired urban myth has once again, potentially bit the dust (just wait 'til you hear what we've discovered about Blair Witch...).

Even though we were unable to find what we were looking for, I must say just how great it was to catch Going Live! again for the first time in absolute years. Trevor and Simon's skits, in particular, remain a constant joy (so much so, that we're now actively looking to secure a sponsorship deal with Pot Fish - "Britain's No.1 instant fish-based snack in a pot").

There is some good news to report, however, as we were also able to secure the full Points of View, and Biteback editions where Ghostwatch IS discussed.

Incidentally, we are still on the lookout for the fabled TEASER TRAILER and POST-CREDITS CONTINUITY ANNOUCNEMENT for Ghostwatch, so if anyone remembers when they went out/has a copy they'd like to share, feel free to get in touch and let us know. The search continues!


  1. Paul Liptrott: this was the most amazing show ever shown on tv. I was about 11 at the time and thought that it was real. I feel very lucky I was wet behind the ears enough to believe it. I wish I could find something as realistic and frightening now. Watched the show at my present age of 27 and failed to find it scary. I think a new project should be made. As I have grown less gullable I think the new project should be more realistic with a lot of build up to it but not too much hype to spoil it. I think it should be like a very covert thing

  2. This is so strange, i honestly remember seeing sarah greene on an earlier show that day, which i was sure was going live, say about ghostwatch and broadcast from the house for a short time. I posted on digital spy forum today that i remeber sarah greene advertising this show that day, before i read on the wikipedia page that this is a myth. I know that the show was 20 years ago, but all these years i remember sarah greene advertising the show. It possibly was the day before on a childrens/family show on bbc1 in the morning.


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