Thursday, 1 January 2009

Where's Pipes?

Happy New Year, Ghostwatchers!

By far the most asked question that comes the way of the blog concerns the mysterious, fleeting appearances from Ghostwatch's notoriously elusive poltergeist...

Villanous spectre, Mr. Pipes makes a total of eight physical appearances in Ghostwatch (minus Cherise Wesson's sketch seen at 00:19:00).

Recent online rumours of a fabled 'ninth sighting' at 01:16:18 were later debunked by director, Lesley Manning (see below). Irrefutable proof, or just 'faces in the fire'? Decide for yourself...

Due to the re-inclusion of the Screen One 'Boulder' ident in the most recent DVD release, the following figures are divided into BFI VERSION and 101 VERSION.
Haunted Bedroom #1: 00:21:00 / 00:21:18
The Voice: 00:30:30 / 00:30:50
Outside with Craig: 00:47:25 / 00:47:44
In the Kitchen: 00:54:59 / 00:55:17
Haunted Bedroom #2: 01:11:56 / 01:12:14
Under the Stairs: 01:17:12 / 01:17:31
Close-up in Static: 01:27:41 / 01:27:59
On the Gantry: 01:27:42 / 01:28:01

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