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This footage was shot by parapsychologists investigating the case...

Head on over to the GhostwatchBtC Youtube page where you can check out FOUR brand new videos! 1. Ghostwatch: Behind the Curtains - Happy Hallowe'en! Just in time for Hallowe'en comes this short collection of Ghostwatch secrets, which you may not have seen before...   2. Ghostwatch - The Voice (subtitled) For anyone who has ever wondered exactly what was being said during this classic scene...   3. Ghostwatch - Rare Alternate Voice Recording A rare, unseen version of the chilling 'tape recording' scene...   4. Ghostwatch - New Mr. Pipes Sighting? Is Mr. Pipes standing behind you for a ninth time?

Happy Halloween!

Don't trust your eyes and don't believe what they tell you on TV.   To all those who remember Halloween night 1992 and watching the "live" broadcast of Ghostwatch on BBC1, get those ducking apples out and scoop out those pumpkins because Mr Pipes is out and about this and every October 31st! ..... If you are fans of the programme, please support filmmaker Richard Lawden's attempt to get Ghostwatch: Behind the Curtains , a documentary on Ghostwatch , to your screens soon.   Till then... "Round and round the garden, like a teddy bear...." STEPHEN VOLK (Screenwriter , Ghostwatch ) (Photo Credit: Jonathan Hall - Clerkenwell Films/ITV)

Meet the man who's met everyone (...Even a ghost!)

A huge thank-you goes to Sir Michael Parkinson for choosing the next topic for his special, Hallowe'en-themed blog... Be sure to click the banner above and head on over to Sir. Michael's new official homepage, where you can read his very own Hallowe'en memories of working on Ghostwatch ... Week In Words (30.Oct.08)   If you want a really scary Halloween then buy, borrow or rent a DVD of ‘Ghostwatch’, a programme I appeared in 1992 and which caused such a panic at the BEEB it was never repeated.   ‘Ghostwatch’ was a television programme which visited a supposed haunted house in the forlorn hope of seeing a ghost. I played the host safely ensconced in a television studio and commenting on an outside broadcast from a council house with a sinister past where the other presenters got more than they bargained for.   The other reporters were Craig Charles, Mike Smith and Sarah Greene, all playing themselves, and it was this ploy of employing presenters in a seemingly re

The blog you’re about to watch is a unique, live investigation of the supernatural...

I once read the key to any great horror story is that it “stays with you in the daylight”. For myself, and I’m sure countless others, this maxim holds true for Ghostwatch . But with so many other similarly conceived works of the genre already in existence, it's worth noting that few examples have demonstrated such influence, such power , over their audience than the controversial, Screen One drama special. By definition, Art is ineluctably dependant on the willingness of an audience to participate; as someone once said, “a painting has no music”. But assuming the key distinction between so-called ‘high’ and ‘low’ art is merely the breathing space, or perhaps freedom, to allow one’s imagination to fill in the gaps between fact and fiction, then Ghostwatch might very well be considered a masterpiece. With its surrealist themes and divisive villain, the film hit most of the marks required to one day be hailed as a worthy Horror flick, but it was the active participation of its vi

It begins...