Monday, 24 September 2012

Is this happening live, I think it is..?

Host, Jimmy Carr
Greetings, Ghostwatchers!

So... last night, just as I was falling head over heels for the girl in the new Ikea advert (...ahem), this message came through from BtC supporter, @Snarglepip via Twitter:

Ooo nice @Ghostwatch question on big fat 90s quiz there!

...And just like that, +1 channels suddenly make a whole lotta sense.

About an hour later (on C4+1, naturally), presenter Jimmy Carr asked his three teams of celebrity panelists on The Big Fat Quiz of the 90s the following question... again.

"Sarah Greene was 'killed' in a basement, and Michael Parkinson was 'possessed' by an angry ghost called 'Pipes' in which "legendary" TV show?"

Okay, let's get the nitpicking right out of the way. Technically, Sarah 'disappeared' into The Gloryhole (not counting the revelation of her eventual fate in '31/10'). Also, The Gloryhole itself isn't a basement, rather an under-stairs cupboard. Plus, within the context of the story, was Sir Michael Parkinson truly 'possessed' at the film's climax or was the Ghost simply still in the machine..?

"WHO CARES?!", you ask? Right-oh, onto the next section, then.

Straight in with the correct answer was Buzzcocks stalwart, Phill Jupitus (doffs cap, accordingly).

Phill Jupitus & Alan Davies
Though despite getting the answer right, Dara O'Briain and Claudia Winkleman just couldn't help but say 'Ghostwatch Live' which of course, was an unrelated BBC show hosted by Claudia Christian in 2001.

Dara O'Briain & Claudia Winkleman
 ...But still, it could've been worse. Jake Whitehall and Denise Van Outen's answer was:

Quiz legends, Jack Whitehall & Denise Van Outen, there
And then, just at that very moment, a f***ing power cut plunged the entire house into darkness and I had to become a qualified electrician overnight, by way of candlelight. Fun as it may sound, traversing miles of creaky floorboards in the pitch black (following a torrent of Twitter comments concerning GW, no less!), suffice it to say, it wasn't until earlier today that I was able to summon the courage to start delicately tapping away at the keyboard for fear of somehow drawing attention to myself in the dead of night...

Here's a link to the show on 4OD - just skip ahead to about the 43:00 mark for you know what. :)

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Get a flannel...*

I'm not a sceptic. I'm not a believer. I'm open-minded. Sometimes, things can be explained. Sometimes, they cannot. Any true-life oddity that, despite all efforts, remains intangibly inexplicable suggests to me that the average human mind is either somehow incomplete or deeply flawed in its problem-solving capacity.

Now, I'm cool with that (being unavoidably ignorant). It's not like everything needs explaining, anyway. To paraphrase our old pal, So'crates, "The only true wisdom comes from knowing you know nothing". But saying that...


Genuinely spooked by this one, dear readers. Even stranger is that the mystery mark staunchly refuses to come off. Unless someone recently dipped their fingertips in bleach and snuck up behind me with the silent grace of a ninja-trained xenomorph, I truly cannot see how this came to pass - not to mention, remain undetected for so many hours.

...Oh, you might think this is viral marketing for the doc, or something. It isn't. Not directly, anyway. :)

*Special Mention - The name of this article is one of many gems contributed by BtC supporter, Arfon Jones. We've been looking for an excuse to use it as a blog title for about five years..!

Friday, 7 September 2012

Five years later.

Well, now.

Yesterday, Lesley Manning, Stephen Volk, Richard Broke and I convened somewhere in London to watch a near final cut of a certain retrospective documentary project...

It went well.

Very well.

More soon!