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Tell us what happened when the newspapers got their teeth into this story.

Last night, National Séance came and went in the blink of the eye, once again. Considering this marked our own Fifth Anniversary hosting the event, it's truly humbling to think it has now gone on to become a full-on annual tradition, let alone that we've been able to gather such a wonderful group of fans that have all practically become an extended family of Glorious Global Ghostwatchers. Short of name-checking two or three dozen very cool/funny/witty people, let me just say thank-you so much to each and every person who took the time to take part, or encouraged others to join in, in turn keeping the Foxhill flame burning brightly. Compared to when all this started, we're living in a different age, already. When Ghostwatch was first broadcast, twenty-three years ago, the closest app to Twitter was 'Manic Miner.' Just three years ago, #Ghostwatch managed to race up the Top Ten UK Trending List in less time than it took to say, "Round and round the gard