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Ghostwatch: The Animated Series... sort-of.

Yep, it's official - writer, Stephen Volk is to put pen to paper for an upcoming episode of The Simpsons ! Set to air sometime in October, Treehouse of Horror XXI will feature the lovable yellow family from Springfield, USA confronting the shadowy spectre of Mr. Pipes - having escaped across the Atlantic thanks to Professor Frink's terrifying new invention... the TeleSoul Transmitter 2000. But it doesn't end there, as Ghostwatch writer & creator Stephen is set to cameo as himself at some point during the (almost) annual Hallowe'en TV special too! For more info on the upcoming episode, be sure to highlight the 'invisi-text' below... --SPOILERS BEGIN-- ...April Fools', Ghostwatchers! --SPOILERS END--

"Video never lies... Film does, though!"

For all you Blair Witch fans out there, if you haven't done so already, it's definitely worth checking out official site, for all kinds of behind the scenes info on the surprise hit movie from 1999. It's hard to believe The Blair Witch Project was released over ten years ago. Talk about ahead of its time - Internet marketed, digitally shot and edited, reality-driven performances... The list of comparative modern production techniques is practically endless. With rumours surrounding a potential third installment in the series still going strong, and with a sequel to Paranormal Activity also said to be hurtling towards production, it looks like the Reality Horror sub-genre may soon be making a bit of an exciting and much-deserved comeback... WARNING: The following video contains adult content... kind-of.

"And Craig Fergeson, I believe, as the roving reporter..!"

It's all go this week, isn't it? This morning, on the Jonathan Ross Radio Show for BBC Radio 2, guests Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman could be heard discussing their new stage production, Ghost Stories , and similar works including, Ghostwatch ! You can check out a short excerpt from the show by clicking play below.

Tell us what happened when the newspapers got their teeth into this story...

Man, as if last night's mention on The Bubble wasn't enough... Earlier today, Bella Battle, writing for the website of British tabloid The Sun, posted an interesting article discussing some of the 'most shocking telly stunts' of all time. And wouldn't you know it, alongside illusionist Derren Brown , and escapologist Jonathan Goodwin , we find not only an entry for Ghostwatch , but also a welcome plug for Behind the Curtains ! Speaking of which, now might be a good time to mention that a Behind the Curtains podcast might be arriving some time in the near future, so as always, thanks for the support and be sure to stay tuned for updates!

"And Michael Aspel hosted it..."

Anyone catch last night's The Bubble on BBC Two? If not, you missed yet another nostalgic trip down memory lane as the David Mitchell-hosted comedy quiz briefly ventured back into the Glory Hole to discuss everyone's favourite Hallowe'en Hoax. Kudos to panelists, Josie Long, Tim Key and Katy Brand for mentioning the show - despite getting host, Michael Parkinson confused with Michael Aspel..! (perhaps because Aspel hosted the equally spooky, Strange But True? the following year for ITV).