Sunday, 12 January 2020

It's cold outside... Pinewood.

Greetings, Ghostwatchers!

As I begin to write this, through tightly-twisted, thoroughly-tired tonsils scorched with excessive laughter, it is the evening of January 11th, 2020. I wonder, if the reason this date has the suitable ring of a rather futuristic-sounding preface, is actually due to the fact that earlier today, I was incredibly fortunate-enough to take a trip, 3,000,000-ish years into Deep Space to catch-up with some loveably, scuzzy, space-bums, at Pinewood Studio's second audience screening for the upcoming, as-yet untitled, Red Dwarf Special.

For anybody who missed-out, this time around, on those randomly-allotted, astatine-like tickets, I hope the following helps paint somewhat of a useful picture of the event, as one glorious whole. Why am I talking about the show again, around these here Foxhillian parts? #CraigsInIt, of course.

To pointlessly recap... Big fan since I was a kid, still identify with the characters, enjoy researching Lister's leather jacket, etcetera.

Sunday, 1 December 2019

Parkinson, Aspel, Frost, Wogan, Hunniford, Ross, Dimbleby, Lawley, Bragg, Titchmarch, Diamond... Partridge..? Find out, tonight.

Greetings, Ghostwatchers!

Or, should I say, "Aha!"; short of it becoming a bit of an albatross?

Recently, I was asked if anything like Ghostwatch had aired prior to its transmission, and I couldn't really remember much more than just three examples. In an attempt to again answer this age-old question in further detail, it wasn't long before I got slightly bored, and gave up; instead briefly looking forward, post-Ghostwatch, by accident.

Now, quite rightly, many who find themselves helplessly immersed in the Cinéma Vérité milieu are often keen to discuss at length, the cutting, 1994 & 1997 News & Current Affairs parodies, The Day Today, and Brass Eye, as being among those nearest to reach the peak of comedic, de-constructive, anti-TV satire. Arguably, despite being consistently-humourous, trailblazing, and largely worthwhile endeavours, both series' weekly chosen topics of debate had the occasional habit of being so divisive, and knowingly-dismissive of viewers' comfort zones, that back in the day, gags often failed to bubble up through the smog of uncertainty.

Thursday, 31 October 2019

NS19 Interview - Iain Macdonald, Graphic Designer

Greetings, Ghostwatchers!

To mark this year's 27th Anniversary for Ghostwatch, and Behind the Curtains' 9th National Séance, I was very fortunate to speak with yet another extremely-talented contributor to the production; Dr. Iain Macdonald, who as you can see by this handy screen-grab, was listed as 'Graphic Designer' during the programme's eerie end-credit scroll.

It was great speaking with Iain, and learning more on how his work influenced the show in 1992, including, its very special teaser trailer...

Monday, 14 October 2019

DELIVERY - Directed by Lesley Manning

Greetings, Ghostwatchers!

Exciting news, with the recent announcement that director, Lesley Manning is helming the new theatrical production, DELIVERY, which shall be playing at The Lion & Unicorn Theatre from 15th – 19th October, 8:00pm.

Written by award-winning animator, Andy Walker, (The Tracy Beaker Story, Show Me Show Me, The Great Rock & Roll Swindle), the piece stars, Alex Walton (Best Actor, Behind the Arras Theatre Awards) Gordon Peaston (2019 Best Supporting Actor, FilmQuest Int. Film Fest.) Lizzie Aaryn-Stanton (Best Actress, Be Prepared and Drama), and Barnaby Taylor (2017 Overall Winner Monologue Slam).

A production packed with emotion, laughs, and subtlety, selected from hundreds of applicants, DELIVERY is described as, "A journey that travels a road lined with humour, humanity and hope. A life-affirming comedy-drama featuring depressed fruit flies, an amorous slug, and existential sheep." Considering the following, very moving synopsis alone, you can appreciate why it received such a rapturous response from a full house at the OSO Barnes, in July.

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

National Séance 2019

Greetings, Ghostwatchers!

At last, another twelve months have passed, and National Séance 2019 is now officially less than... well, one further month away, I reckon..? And, you know what that means... National Séance 2020 is now officially less than thirteen months away ‒ so, get those Cheese & Pickle sandwiches on stand-by, 'cause we're only 34,214,400 seconds away from a full, uninterrupted decade of séancing, nationally!

But first things, first. Will the doc be made available in time to mark the slightly sooner of those upcoming two events? Regrettably, most likely, not. A re-release is still something we're looking into, but so far, the stars have yet to realign since selling-out on DVD, now a fair while back [insert legitimately-plausible, though encouragingly-vague excuse here]. It will happen eventually, though; and with some luck, not too far down the road. x

Sunday, 14 July 2019

Aliens Vs. Pipes

Greetings, Ghostwatchers!

It's happened, again. Yes, Ghostwatch has very kindly been given a mention, this time on ITV's third series of, Harry Hill's Alien Fun Capsule. Which no doubt means the inevitable Foxhill-Xenomorph-crossover-preboot-sidesqual is mere moments away from being green-lit.

If that wasn't enough to make or break many a Ghostwatcher's week, Saturday's installment of the popular, satirical, yet inexplicably-futuristic, TV Burp spinoff also saw special-guest appearances by Warwick Davis, Kelly Brook, Charlie Dimmock, and wouldn't you know it, Sarah Greene.