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We've created a séance... a massive séance!

Happy Hallowe'en, Ghostwatchers! In anticipation of our 'live' National Séance 2010 event set to take place later this evening, here's a special treat courtesy of filmmaker and Behind the Curtains supporter, Gary Mancini . Back in 1992, the popular TV Times listings mag reported the then-impending arrival of Ghostwatch with this great two-page spread - featuring a rare alternate publicity still of Parky, Sarah and Smithy. What a great way to help mark the show's 18th birthday. Thanks again to Gary for sharing it with us! Don't forget to send us your photos and reports from National Séance 2010 . Cheers to everyone who has got in touch to say they'll be taking part, and we look forward to seeing how your events turn out!

Let's take our first caller...

On Sunday Night, White Noise Paranormal Radio interviewed Stephen Volk live and asked a plethora of questions covering, among other topics, Afterlife , The Awakening and some Hallowe'en drama called, ' Ghostwatch '. For anyone who missed it, or would like to hear it again, click here to check out over an hour of audible joy...

SFX #202

Many thanks to all our subscribers who pointed out the latest issue of SFX features a brief mention of Ghostwatch in the article, ' Is There Anything On The Other Side? - The Classic British TV Ghost Story ' written by Alistair McGown. The section on Ghostwatch can be found on Page 96. All in all, the feature is a great read and well worth checking out if you can find a copy. Quite amazing to see a 'December' issue for sale in October. Maybe Pipes has found his way into the printing presses, too..!  


Just a quick heads-up that October 22nd heralds the arrival of Paranormal Activity 2 - the sequel to Oren Peli's surprise 2009 hit about a seemingly ordinary couple terrorised by spooky goings-on in their new home. Good reviews have already started pouring in, so be sure to catch this Hallowe'en treat before the spoiler wave hits you head-on... and from what I hear, there are more than a few surprises to be found in this chilling new story. If you're a Ghostwatch fan, the chances are you'll enjoy this flick too. Least of all, if you might remember, as it sounds like Oren Peli might be a fan too... :)

Nurieek, Rotut, Hernunger, Sqweloookle..!

Many thanks as always to the wonderful Red Dwarf Fan Club team for their latest and greatest issue of Back To Reality - the occasionally regular, but always fun and informative magazine on all things Dwarfy. Yes, Red Dwarf and Ghostwatch have collided once again, this time on Page 10 in an article entitled, ' Ghostwatching: My Wonderful Obsession '. And if that wasn't enough, Behind the Curtains supporter and graphic designer extraordinaire, Arfon Jones' work is featured not once, but twice - after winning the logo design contest for the next convention ! Congrats, Arfon! For anyone who has yet to take the plunge, Dimension Jump is essentially a three-day party for anyone who has enjoyed even just a single episode of the popular interstellar sitcom . With rumours that a brand-new Red Dwarf series could soon be with us, the chances are, DJ XVI will be a very special event indeed...     Getting a great response for our upcoming National Séance event, by

It's Hallowe'en Night, homebrew time...

Believe it or not, on October 31st 2010, Ghostwatch will turn eighteen years old. Sadly, this will also mean that during that time, we'll have yet to see a repeat screening of the show on UK television. In response to this, and inspired by what has become something of an annual tradition for many fans, we hope that you will join us by taking part in the first-ever 'live' simultaneous repeat viewing, to take place later this month! So, how will this work? Well, all you have to do is synchronise your watches and play your personal copy of Ghostwatch at precisely 21:25 on Hallowe'en Night! And to help you host your very own Ghostwatch Birthday Party , here are ten simple-to-follow suggestions to help make yours a night to remember: 1. ALL day, in response to any unexpected/strange sound, say with a wry grin, "Maybe our poltergeist, eh, Dr. Pascoe?" 2. In advance of the show starting, all curtains in the room should be drawn closed, and the lighting se