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Now, what I want to talk about now is this book of yours...

Greetings Ghostwatchers! You've seen the doc, now read the book! (...T-Shirts next, perhaps?) The term 'Labour of love' is often bandied about on most projects I seem to work on, these days. This piece actually took longer to make than the doc itself, as, back in the day, I wasn't even sure that we would physically be able to make a film looking back at Ghostwatch , at all - so instead, began documenting the project in paper form, just in case. It's 248 pages, it's got new interviews, it's got trivia, it's got a Foreword by Stephen Volk, it features an extensive production diary for the doc, it includes the complete sequel story 31/10 , it's in tasteful black and white, and it contains material which some readers may find to be interesting. It is also available to purchase right now for the princely sum of £9.99 (+ p&p). So, pick up a copy on Lulu today before Pipes beats you to it.

We'll be here with updates right through the... year?

Update time! And just as we were getting used to seeing "2013" on our calendars, another year has already, all but passed us by. From the release of the doc all the way back in March, though to... well, today, we've been fortunate enough to have some great reviews, wonderful comments and precisely zero hauntings, so thumbs-up, all round. So... what's next? Well, National Séance 2013 will kick off on October 31st. Details here and here , as usual. (we all know the drill by now, right?) There's recently been quite a bit of talk regarding the doc being made available to purchase and view online, sometime soonish. One particular avenue that our film is currently set to be making an appearance in (from early December) is at BFI Mediatheques nationwide, as part of the new Haunted collection, and the wider Gothic season, possibly alongside Ghostwatch itself and plenty of other goodies. Yes, you read that right, Ghostwatch: Behind the Curtains is about to be a