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Got anything to report, at all..?

Well, it's fast approaching the time to bid farewell to 2014. And a busy year it was, to be sure. Over the last twelve months, the project was very graciously invited to make quite a few guest appearances at conventions, nationwide. In April, the inaugural Sci-Fi Scarborough event kicked off, all the way Up North. In October, we made a return appearance to Autumn: Horror in the East , almost as far away, but Down South. And between them both, in July, Behind the Curtains descended upon the London Film and Comic Con where we shot the short follow-up Behind the Table , which was released entirely free, gratis and for nothin' on YouTube. By far the saddest, and most unexpected news of the year centred on the sudden losses of lead actor, Mike Smith and Executive Producer, Richard Broke. Both gentlemen were invaluable not just to Ghostwatch , but also Behind the Curtains , and it was a real honour and a privilege to have them involved in the project. They remain sorely mi