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Weekend - 29th May 2010

Thanks to everyone who recommended I check out the May 29th edition of the Daily Mail's Weekend magazine - in particular, Robin Wiggs' brief article 'Are They For Real? The rise of the spoof documentary' . For anyone who didn't catch it, you can click the pic below to see it in full. Cheers!

Screening at The Invisible Dot - Update

In short, The Invisible Dot proved the perfect venue to host this week's rare public screening of Ghostwatch . Superbly organised by Simon Pearce, and boasting a special Q&A from director Lesley Manning and writer Stephen Volk, the reaction to the film was both terrific and unique in equal measure - with almost certainly more laughs and yelps than I've personally ever heard before -at some points, people were literally jumping out of their seats..! Topics in the hour-long Q&A ranged from pre-broadcast controversy to post-broadcast analysis, and perhaps most notably, the mind-bending revelation of which unlikely crew member provided the voice of Pipes the poltergeist... Many thanks again to Simon and everyone who attended. Cheers!

I should say that this tape is completely undoctored...

A big shout-out to the fine folks from Ganymede & Titan - the world's premier Red Dwarf fan-site - for helping put together the first ever Ghostwatch: Behind the Curtains podcast. ...Sorry, make that 'PipesCast' . Actually, with this being the pilot episode, in a sense, it's more a DwarfCast , really (G&T's very own podcast for all things Red Dwarf -related). But why G&T, I hear you say... Well, there seems to be an interesting correlation between Dwarfers and Ghostwatchers - due partly, I'm sure, to the spot-on performance by last surviving human Craig Charles as Ghostwatch's very own 'Interviewer'. As a lifelong fan of the sci-fi comedy classic, the prospect of discussing both productions with my fellow Smeg Heads proved irresistible, and I'm happy to report that (in spite of the booze) some truly insightful observations and opinions have been preserved for prosperity. Again, let me offer my sincerest thanks to Cappsy,

Screening at The Invisible Dot

If you're in the Camden area on the 11th May, then why not pay a visit to The Invisible Dot where you can catch a rare screening of Ghostwatch followed by a Q&A with director, Lesley Manning and writer, Stephen Volk? Part of the Swiss Spaghetti Harvest Festival of fact/fiction line blurrers, Ghostwatch will screen at 19:30 with a Q&A to follow. ...Trust me when I say that you haven't seen Ghostwatch until you've seen it on the big screen. Tickets cost £9.50. For more information, check out The Invisible Dot's Ghostwatch page by clicking here .