Thursday, 10 March 2011

You Ain't Gonna Believe This, I'm Tellin' You..!

Shortly before the segment on Ghostwatch during the most recent episode of How TV Ruined Your Life, Charlie Brooker briefly mentioned Alternative 3 - a show with a similar premise which centered on the discovery of a government secret that could make or break the future of humanity.

As a kind of spiritual precursor to the hugely enjoyable National Séance 2010, coming April 1st 2011 will be the Alternative 3 Live Tweet Screening! It's almost exactly the same setup as before - we'll be starting our copies of Alternative 3 at precisely the same time and ask you to do the same and tweet about what you're seeing on Twitter - although for this particular event, the date will reflect Alternative 3's originally planned broadcast rather than its actual transmission (the show was intended to be shown on April 1st 1977, but was pushed back to June 20th of the same year).

The time to start your personal recording will be 21:00 sharp. A fitting date, I think you'll agree (and no, this isn't a trick like last time... promise!). Best of all, DVD copies of Alternative 3 don't appear to be hugely expensive at the moment if you're feeling frivolous and might like to pick up a copy to add to your collection.

As always, looking forward to seeing you there, Ghostwatchers!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

How TV Ruined Your Life (BBC Two, 08/03/11)

Last night, during the concluding episode of critic/cultural commentator Charlie Brooker's absorbing BBC series, How TV Ruined Your Life (specifically, at the 13:30 minute mark), the show took a unexpectedly spooky turn...

Whilst on the subject of television's seemingly inherent ability to subjugate audiences' perceptions by blurring the lines between fact and fiction, we the audience were treated to a fleeting/erudite hark back to everyone's favourite Hallowe'en horror show.

Most remarkable, and not to mention genuinely heartening to behold, was the overwhelmingly positive response that this little trip down (repressed) memory lane seemed to generate at near lightning-speed via The Online Voice Of The People™, Twitter - with news coming through at one point that the word 'Ghostwatch' had even taken on the intermittently distinguished title of Trending Topic.

It's also worth noting how thoroughly encouraging it was to see even just a couple of minutes of Ghostwatch back on the old telly box, at long last; where many agree, it most certainly belongs.

Intriguingly, this isn't the first time Mr. Brooker and Ghostwatch have been mentioned in the same sentence. Not too long ago, the following tidbit was stumbled upon in an article for The Guardian newspaper... "Charlie watched the 1992 spooktacular Ghostwatch at four in the morning, and, having initially laughed at Sarah Greene's performance, soon found himself getting genuinely frightened."

You can check out the show in full for a limited period on the BBC iPlayer by clicking the link below. For those who missed it, this episode will also be repeated on BBC Four on the 12th of this month at eleven. Just try not to have sleepless nights...