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It's cold outside... Pinewood.

Greetings, Ghostwatchers! As I begin to write this, through tightly-twisted, thoroughly-tired tonsils scorched with excessive laughter, it is the evening of January 11th, 2020. I wonder, if the reason this date has the suitable ring of a rather futuristic-sounding preface, is actually due to the fact that earlier today, I was incredibly fortunate-enough to take a trip, 3,000,000-ish years into Deep Space to catch-up with some loveably, scuzzy, space-bums, at Pinewood Studio's second audience screening for the upcoming, as-yet untitled, Red Dwarf Special. For anybody who missed-out, this time around, on those randomly-allotted, astatine-like tickets, I hope the following helps paint somewhat of a useful picture of the event, as one glorious whole. Why am I talking about the show again, around these here Foxhillian parts? #CraigsInIt, of course. To pointlessly recap... Big fan since I was a kid, still identify with the characters, enjoy researching Lister's leather jacket,