We're going to investigate one of the most baffling and facinating areas of human experience...

On 4th April 2009, renowned psychologist Professor Richard Wiseman and a host of other experts will gather to examine the science and history of hauntings as part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival.

The event will consist of seven talks - one of which ("Dialogue with the dead": Creating ghosts for television) will be presented by Ghostwatch screenwriter, Stephen Volk. Topics will cover the truth regarding scientific investigations into 'haunted' houses, how the brain can be fooled into seeing apparitions, whether spirit photographs offer evidence of the afterlife... ...and how poltergeists once panicked the nation.

Audience members will also have a unique opportunity to witness a genuine Victorian phantasmagoria, and meet the man who creates ghostly goings-on in the Harry Potter movies. The event will take place in the University of Edinburgh's Anatomy Lecture Theatre - an atmospheric, spectacular and historical venue not usually open to the public. Tickets cost £30. For more information, click the picture above.