Ghostwatch & The Awakening Screenings in Nottingham

Greetings, Ghostwatchers!

Two new items have been added to the events list - both of which are taking place in Nottingham, and also featuring appearances from Ghostwatch writer, Stephen Volk.

The first event is a screening of The Awakening on Thursday 27th October.

The second is a screening of Ghostwatch on Sunday 30th October. Both will include Q&As with Stephen, and for The Awakening screening, director and co-writer, Nick Murphy, too.

The venue is the Broadway Cinema, which will be home to the Mayhem Horror Film Festival - a five-day event which promises "ghosts. gore, extreme cinema, haunted TV, weird science and much much more".

For ticket prices/more info, check out the links above. And if you're able to attend, be sure to let us know how everything goes!


  1. It's good to know that the events are all happening in Nottingham. For sure, it will be a successful event. Nottingham has a lot of beautiful things and places to offer.


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