Now, what I want to talk about now is this book of yours...

Greetings Ghostwatchers! You've seen the doc, now read the book! (...T-Shirts next, perhaps?)

The term 'Labour of love' is often bandied about on most projects I seem to work on, these days. This piece actually took longer to make than the doc itself, as, back in the day, I wasn't even sure that we would physically be able to make a film looking back at Ghostwatch, at all - so instead, began documenting the project in paper form, just in case.

It's 248 pages, it's got new interviews, it's got trivia, it's got a Foreword by Stephen Volk, it features an extensive production diary for the doc, it includes the complete sequel story 31/10, it's in tasteful black and white, and it contains material which some readers may find to be interesting. It is also available to purchase right now for the princely sum of £9.99 (+ p&p). So, pick up a copy on Lulu today before Pipes beats you to it.


  1. Purchased! Thanks for this, as I've been hoping for a book on Ghostwatch for years.


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