Got anything to report, at all..?

Well, it's fast approaching the time to bid farewell to 2014. And a busy year it was, to be sure.

Over the last twelve months, the project was very graciously invited to make quite a few guest appearances at conventions, nationwide. In April, the inaugural Sci-Fi Scarborough event kicked off, all the way Up North. In October, we made a return appearance to Autumn: Horror in the East, almost as far away, but Down South. And between them both, in July, Behind the Curtains descended upon the London Film and Comic Con where we shot the short follow-up Behind the Table, which was released entirely free, gratis and for nothin' on YouTube.

By far the saddest, and most unexpected news of the year centred on the sudden losses of lead actor, Mike Smith and Executive Producer, Richard Broke. Both gentlemen were invaluable not just to Ghostwatch, but also Behind the Curtains, and it was a real honour and a privilege to have them involved in the project. They remain sorely missed.

In June, a full transcript of Behind the Curtains was released on Lulu in response to requests for a doco-centric subtitle track. A huge hand of thanks must go to everyone who has picked up a copy, and also the companion book. As always, we really appreciate your comments and reviews (if you have a mo, leaving us a rating on the product page, or Goodreads would be hugely appreciated).

In October, our fourth National Séance event went rather splendidly. Thanks again for all your comments and pictures! It was great to be part of the fourth iteration of our annual tradition. This year, in addition to another wonderful turn-out, we were also gifted with a rare glimpse of the fabled, original Ghostwatch trailer, presented by Sarah Greene.

But what of this so-called '2015'..?
First off, The Electric Cinema, where we wrapped the doc, is currently under threat of closure owing to a recent planning development. This truly is worrisome, least of all for the venue's connection to the doc, but also its valuable heritage.

To help support Britain's oldest working cinema, you can visit its Facebook page here, or better yet, pay it a visit the next time you're in Birmingham! March of next year, a new novella by Stephen Volk entitled, Leytonstone, is set to hit bookshelves.

In Stephen's highly-anticipated follow-up to Whistable, which was published to coincide with the centenary of actor Peter Cushing’s death, Leytonstone similarly elevates fact (in this case, an anecdote the famous director told repeatedly throughout his life) into resonant and poignant fiction. 

Whitstable and Leytonstone are the first parts of Volk’s putative series of thematically-related but separate fictions, to be called, The Dark Masters Trilogy.

In other news, ITV Encore has also commissioned a three-part drama entitled, Midwinter of the Spirit, based on the books written by successful novelist, Phil Rickman, to be adapted by Stephen. Filming will begin in the Hereford area in April.

Our very own Arfon Jones has been invited to join a group of other artists to celebrate the universe of Doctor Who in the upcoming art show, Mostra: Doctor's Universe opening at the Oratory of Saints Ambrogio in Milan, Italy on December 15th running through to the 21st.

Arfon's fantastic submission for the show is a piece entitled, Rules are made to be broken, an acrylic & pen on A3 card, featuring the series' current Doc, Peter Capaldi staring into a cracked mirror, ominously surrounded by his previous Regenerations... musician Ian Evans, has released a great eight-minute track entitled, The Start of the Spell, of which all profits shall be donated to Mind, the mental health charity.

The Start of the Spell describes a walk around central London lead by a fox spirit guide. You can take the walk for yourself as the download comes with a free map and a booklet of the lyrics and references!

For more on Ian's truly spellbinding music, you can visit his site here.

An upcoming project from Molly Manning-Walker is continuing to gain momentum in the art world, and beyond.

Written by Molly (who is also serving as cinematographer), More Hate Than Fear is set to start filming next February, and will delve into the world of a graffiti artist serving the first months of a three-year prison sentence.

Not content with having made one film in his life (well, 1 & 1/2, if you count Behind the Table), we can exclusively reveal that director Rich Lawden is now gearing up to make his next feature, Alone / Together, an adaptation of his fleeting novella of the same name. A self-styled 'Love-Hate Triangle in Space', the story follows a doomed expedition to the nearby Sirius twin star system.

When the trans-stellar vessel, 'Chione', suffers catastrophic damage en route to its stellar destination, a handful of the hibernating crew are roused from their cosmic slumber, and must work together in the hopes of safely returning home. But not all on board are quite as dedicated to the notion of cooperation and teamwork as others...

The film, intended to be "The most depressing comedy, ever made" is currently under development at P2P Pictures, with a concrete release date of 'Sometime Before 2085'. For cast/crew applications, please feel free to make use of the contact page above, or get in touch with the producers direct at their Facebook page, here.

And with that, another year has all but come and gone. Already looking forward to next year's promise of barcode license plates, dust-repellent paper, Jaws XIX, Black & Decker pizza hydrators, Nike power-laces, low-emission hoverboards, flying cars, Pepsi Perfect, and of course most exciting of all, self-drying jackets. Until then, fellow Ghostwatchers, sleep tight, thanks for the continued support... and try not to have sleepless nights.