Tell us what happened when the newspapers got their teeth into this story.

Last night, National Séance came and went in the blink of the eye, once again.

Considering this marked our own Fifth Anniversary hosting the event, it's truly humbling to think it has now gone on to become a full-on annual tradition, let alone that we've been able to gather such a wonderful group of fans that have all practically become an extended family of Glorious Global Ghostwatchers.

Short of name-checking two or three dozen very cool/funny/witty people, let me just say thank-you so much to each and every person who took the time to take part, or encouraged others to join in, in turn keeping the Foxhill flame burning brightly.

Compared to when all this started, we're living in a different age, already. When Ghostwatch was first broadcast, twenty-three years ago, the closest app to Twitter was 'Manic Miner.' Just three years ago, #Ghostwatch managed to race up the Top Ten UK Trending List in less time than it took to say, "Round and round the garden..." Don't get me wrong, there were hundreds upon hundreds of messages last night, but man... times seem to be changing exponentially, these days.

Every year, it seems that something new and exciting kicks off the proceedings. This time, we noted mentions of the show in both The Guardian and The Telegraph newspapers, with the latter even name-checking National Séance (well, the gist of it, if not the name directly.) Even so, a truly wonderful way to get things rolling. Pipes was also named "The perfect spooky spectre" by Den of Geek, who placed him at #7 on their list of Top Fifty Terrifying TV Characters.

On Friday Night, Craig Charles delivered one helluva bravura performance during BBC Radio 2's world premiere of Scary Fairy - a pitch perfect rendition of Red Riding Hood that managed to shock, awe, captivate and guffaw in equal measure - in particular, by adding a crucial, relatable motivation to the Big Bad Wolf, itself. A making of video of the event can be seen here. "What big eyes you have... what big ears you have..."

Safely out of the woods, a handful of brand-new Ghostwatch-related articles, commentaries and podcasts also came in, throughout Hallowe'en. Among those on offer...

On the BtC Facebook page, we officially unveiled an exclusive photo, salvaged from Alan Demescu's personal files, at long last revealing that the Earlys' favourite board-game, as seen in the film, was in fact a very particular version of Waddington's 'Sorry!' - specifically, the 1991 Disney edition. Yep, you heard that right. You might also have noticed that Suzanne Early wears Disney pyjamas in the film. Coincidence? Yeah, probably.

A new, unconfirmed Pipes Sighting came in the form of #PipesWatch 0.5 - the shot of Craig first interviewing the Early Family in front of their kitchen patio windows, starting at approximately 00:05:25. Apparently, Tunstall is around there, somewhere, but we've yet to officially lock down his spectral coordinates...

Another interesting theory, first seen on the IMDb boards, was broached concerning a rare, potential plot hole: Does Dr. Pascoe contradict how she first met the Early Family? At the beginning of the show, she explains to Parky that Pam's particular case was chosen by a computer programme that had correlated various evidence of hauntings across the country - though later on, she claims to have first discovered the Earlys after watching the Kilroy-esque talk-show in which Kimmie ever-so delicately drops the bomb that "[Pipes] wants to hurt everybody."

Intriguing stuff, huh? Well, it doesn't end there. There were also *lots* of messages concerning last night's Most Haunted live special, mostly drawing comparisons between the two productions. Being so busy with the Tweet Cast, regrettably, we were unable to tear ourselves away from Ghostwatch to check it out. Did you? If so, what did you think?

Perhaps the most inexplicable moment of the evening came in the form of a single photograph that happened to upload sideways (the ghost was in the machine, obviously) to the BtC Twitter account, depicting doco director, Rich Lawden huddled up inside a familiar-looking cupboard under the stairs...

...A *very* familiar cupboard, you might say. And one that he would quite willingly assure you was completely, utterly, bloody terrifying to even glance at, let alone venture into. What does it all mean? Stay tuned to find out. Meanwhile, for all professional enquiries, please forward all requests to Shady Acres Rehab Clinic, Celebrity Ward Nine, Northolt.

Until then, National Séance 2016 is now officially less than a year away. Don't know about you, but for us, it can't get here soon enough. But until that fateful evening is upon us... Try not to have sleepless nights.


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