National Séance Live - YouTube Links

Greetings, Ghostwatchers!


Right, now that that's taken care of, if you'd like to take part in this year's special 10th Anniversary, National Séance Live event, all you need is a DVD or VHS copy of Ghostwatch, and the following YouTube links...

  • The first is the ORIGINAL CONTINUITY ANNOUNCEMENT as recorded and shared by long-time supporter and friend of the project, Stephen Freestone. For 'added authenticity', play this approximately ONE MINUTE before we start (21:24). As soon as it's finished, HIT PLAY on your DVD or VHS copy of Ghostwatch.

  • The second video is/will be the EMBEDDED NATIONAL SÉANCE LIVE YOUTUBE STREAM. We expect to start the proceedings at 21:00 with the main presentation commencing at 21:25, as always. Why? That's exactly the same time Ghostwatch aired 28 years ago - which also happened to be a Saturday.

If you don't have a copy of Ghostwatch handy, don't worry. You're more than welcome to watch the live stream with the show's creators, and send in your questions for them to answer to @Ghostwatch on Twitter - though we will likely be referring to specific points in the film, throughout.

For reasons beyond our control, there will be anywhere between a 10-20 SECONDS delay on the live stream. This shouldn't be a problem, and isn't a prelude to any hoax-like developments. Or, is it? No. We will count-down exactly when to start, live on-air, but as long as you start playing your copy at 21:25, the chances are you'll be able to follow with us, just fine. The atomic clock remains your friend.

Ten years. Crumbs. Look forward to seeing you, later! Just try not to have sleepless nights...