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Filming at Glamorgan

In June, 2008, just as things started to get going on the BtC pre-production front, Steve Volk mentioned that he was due to give a talk, partly on Ghostwatch, for the University of Glamorgan's upcoming ' Space. Time. Machine. Monster ' conference. Realising this could be a great opportunity to learn more about the original film, it didn't take long for me to find my railcard and board the next train bound for Cardiff. As I stepped out onto the platform at Treforest, I found myself amongst a towering band of verdant hillsides. The view was just spectacular. The university is only a short stroll down the road from the station… followed by just one or two ‘endurance-style’, uphill treks (but then, I was lugging some bulky camera cases...). After meeting Steve in the lobby, we entered Theatre 2 and checked out the scene. By the very nature of the vast space that was made available to us, I had a feeling that recording the sound might be a problem. The only microp

A Man of Sound Mind

Be sure to check out Mikerophonics - the official website of Ghostwatch star, and professional sound designer, Mike Aiton . ...also Unofficial Chairman of The Adrian Edmonson Lookalike Society - "Right On!"

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