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Is it the Wiig or the hat?

Been biting my tongue on this one, but if the rare response to yesterday's second teaser for the upcoming Ghostbusters suggests anything, it's that the business of remaking, or even revisiting a classic film is no less a barefoot hot coal walk than it has been since, well, ever. According to local legend, actual legend Dan Aykroyd has been spearheading a third flick in the rightfully-popular Ghostbustin' cinema series for decades. And why not? The first installment was unmistakably for the time capsule; its sequel, for the most part, successfully recaptured that proton stream in a bottle a second time around. The-then burgeoning franchise even managed to spawn a very well-written and received cartoon show, still fondly recalled by yours truly. Like the characters' albeit fictional business in the film itself, from a marketing standpoint alone, Ghostbusters clearly has legs. In all fairness, the trailer opens well, with some suitably haunting piano chords evoki