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The studio's completely dark...

The real Magnificent Seven... Just wanted to say a quick thank-you to 2013. And to all you lot, obviously. This year has been a really incredible ride from start to finish. In late 2012, Lesley Manning and I wrapped production on Ghostwatch: Behind the Curtains after a very long, but enjoyable shoot. The completed film was released in March, gracing the front page of on my birthday, no less. Given its humble beginnings, the response to our film has been truly wonderful - so much so that I decided to finally finish the companion book of the same name , just in time for the 21st Anniversary. In May, we had our World Premiere at Dimension Jump , and six months later, we all gathered at BFI Southbank to catch up and attend a very rare screening of the original film in an absolutely stunning theatre. Seeing the trailer for Behind the Curtains play up on the big screen was a joy beyond words. But arguably, the biggest cherry on top of this cherry cake with cher