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Parkinson, Aspel, Frost, Wogan, Hunniford, Ross, Dimbleby, Lawley, Bragg, Titchmarch, Diamond... Partridge..? Find out, tonight.

Greetings, Ghostwatchers! Or, should I say, "Aha!"; short of it becoming a bit of an albatross? Recently, I was asked if anything like Ghostwatch had aired prior to its transmission, and I couldn't really remember much more than just three examples. In an attempt to again answer this age-old question in further detail, it wasn't long before I got slightly bored, and gave up; instead briefly looking forward, post- Ghostwatch , by accident. Now, quite rightly, many who find themselves helplessly immersed in the Cinéma Vérité milieu are often keen to discuss at length, the cutting, 1994 & 1997 News & Current Affairs parodies, The Day Today, and Brass Eye, as being among those nearest to reach the peak of comedic, de-constructive, anti-TV satire. Arguably, despite being consistently-humourous, trailblazing, and largely worthwhile endeavours, both series' weekly chosen topics of debate had the occasional habit of being so divisive, and knowingly-dism