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Red Dwarf XII (... Craig's in it)

"First rule in government spending... Why build one, when you can have two at twice the price?" Have you seen, Contact ? It's brilliant. In other news, already it seems, Red Dwarf XII is finally upon us, despite XI having yet to hit the airwaves. Indirectly taking a leaf from John Hurt's above-quoted, S.R. Hadden (or perhaps more directly, the Superman and Matrix sequels), both new series are filming practically back-to-back. Incidentally, have you seen Superman II ? It's brilliant. Hurtling back to reality for just a brief moment, this week's as-yet unnamed episode (unless it really is going to be called 'S12.E02' - in which case, see above for an 'exclusive' 'screen-grab') followed much the same pattern as the last show we reported from, certainly in terms of setup and general preamble. Just to set the scene for you, before each evening begins, having handed over their tickets, audience members then proceed to gather in a wh