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Always nice to get a mention...

Remember that huge, blockbusting, worldwide smash-hit, Paranormal Activity we reported on back in 2009? Well, look who's listed in the DVD credits... ;) How cool is that? And following on from our last post, here's a great Ghostwatch review written by Ian Berriman for SFX magazine to coincide with the original BFI DVD release in 2002.  

Fortean Times #166

Faking It: Ghostwatch 10 Years On "Ten years ago, the BBC's transmission of Ghostwatch on Halloween Night, 1992, terrified the nati on... as well as raising some important issues about television's relationship with its audience. To coincide with its release for the first time on DVD and video, Stephen Volk, the writer of the notorious TV drama, looks back at its origin and its un expected aftermath. Additional material by David Sutton." ...Begins a six-page article for Fortean Times magazine, published January, 2003. Featuring a collection of writer/creator Stephen Volk's thoughts and memories of the film , accompanied by some detailed post-broadcast analysis and references by David Sutton, the article can very much be considered a follow up to the '93 FT issue. As before, extensive cross-referencing to the true-life Enfield Poltergeist case can be found, this time, on page 39. A competition to win a brand-new BFI DVD (now, very much a collector&