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We'll actually spool it back to the point where you tell us...

Greetings, Ghostwatchers! Anyone familiar with the show's Wikipedia page will surely be aware of this quote: "... Sarah Greene had advertised the programme on her Saturday morning children's show Going Live . This had included a 'visit' to the location of the 'haunting' and gave the impression that she was taking part in a 'reality show' and not a drama." Recently, we were lucky enough to check out three full editions of Going Live! to verify this longstanding claim - dated, 24.10.92 (the week before transmission), 31.10.92 (the day the show went out) and 7.11.92 (the week after), but alas, no mention of Ghostwatch could be found. Unless anyone has any additional episodes of Going Live! available for viewing (if so, by all means, drop us a line), it appears as though yet another Ghostwatch -inspired urban myth has once again, potentially bit the dust (just wait 'til you hear what we've discovered about Blair Witch ...). Ev

Do you have a story for us..?

NOW CLOSED. Thanks to everyone who took part! Greetings Ghostwatchers! To say thanks for all your continued support, we're offering you the chance to feature in the upcoming retrospective documentary, Ghostwatch: Behind the Curtains ! If you have access to a camera/webcam, we'd like you to record your very own Ghostwatch Story to be featured in the completed doc! Entries should be under three minutes long, and as high quality as you can manage. Don't forget to send us your name/email address with each submission. The best way to submit your entry is to add it as a 'Video Response' to our most recent BtC trailer on Youtube. Feel free to talk about your personal experiences with the show - did you see it on the night of transmission, or perhaps later, on DVD? Whatever your thoughts, let us know! Also, if you'd like to feature in a 'Special Thanks To' section during the doc's end credits, all you have to do is email us your full n

Look! Everybody wants to see him!

If Arfon Jones' wonderful ' Ghostwatching ' piece, from just a few days ago wasn't enough, now here's ' Pipes Is Coming For You... ' by artist, Kieran Madden . Great to see so much creativity stemming from Ghostwatch recently. Keep it up, Ghostwatchers!   ...And try not to have sleepless nights.