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The little red light's on...

In celebration of our favourite Hallowe'en Hoax's nineteenth birthday (and not forgetting, a second, wonderful National Séance!), we thought you might like to check out this sneak peek of a certain work in progress... Stay tuned for 2012, Ghostwatchers.

♫ It's the most wonderful time of the year... ♫

Greetings Ghostwatchers! Yes, the nineteenth anniversary of Ghostwatch 's first and (as-yet) only full UK television broadcast is almost upon us and you know what that means... National S é ance 2011 ! All you have to do to take part in our annual event is set your own personal copy of Ghostwatch to start at 21:25 on Hallowe'en Night ( Monday 31st October ) and then join us on Twitter to comment on the proceedings (not forgetting to use the #Ghostwatch hashtag after each message). For anyone who missed our last event , it really was a lot of fun... less the sound of wailing cats coming from upstairs, spontaneous somnambuliform possession, bits of exploded coffee table landing in our tea, perfectly oval puddles appearing on the carpet, and the inexplicable streams of warm blood dripping down the (brand-new!) wallpaper. Saying that, we hope to hear from you all again, this year. And remember, for added authenticity, you can play the original Ghostwatch continuity ann

It's in the machine... again.

So... yesterday, I was strolling around Morrisons. Picked up the papers, a loaf of bread, some milk and a brand-new copy of Ghostwatch on DVD..! First off, let me say a big thank-you to everyone who got in touch to let us know our favourite Hallowe'en Hoax was being re-issued on DVD this month. And whilst it's great to see the show getting some much-deserved attention in time for the 19th Anniversary, we've also had a lot of emails asking if this is related to the Behind the Curtains project, and just to be clear, it is not. We've also been getting a lot of questions regarding whether the new disc has any extra content or special features. While this release does only contain the main feature, one change you might notice from the previous BFI DVD is that this version reinstates the rather fantastic Screen One 'boulder' ident that came before the pre-titles, just as it was on the night of transmission. More soon, Ghostwatchers!