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...Like a teddy bear?

Of course, the real question here is why? ...and also, what? ...and where? and when? ... and finally maybe even, who? Not very likely to be heading to a toy shop near you any time soon is this curious little photo set recently found drifting across the increasingly haunted Interwebs... It's interesting to note how the creator of this eerily reminiscent reproduction of the seldom glimpsed Mr. Pipes seems to have gone for their own interpretation of the character's macabre appearance rather than just imitate the as yet only published photograph of actor Keith Ferrari in full make up and costume. Behind the Curta... --sorry-- ... scenes , Pipes' actual dress had more of a blue-greyish hue with a repeating pattern, but here, his funky threads seem to have more in common with the various tallying descriptions 'phoned in' to Mike Smith's studio hotline by concerned viewers, and later confirmed by Kim Early's university interview with Lin Pascoe: old man