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National Séance 2020 — 6 Month Countdown To Our Tenth Annual Event!

Greetings, Ghostwatchers! Understandably, we’ve been receiving just one or two more messages than usual lately regarding the long-hoped return of the documentary in some shape or form, after its inaugural run on DVD quickly sold-out, so long ago. Not one to get your hopes up, as there currently remains No News On This As Yet, but seeing as I'm also not one to give -up either, I can also assure you, that regular efforts have been ongoing since the film was completed, in terms of seeking distribution [this year marks close to seven years' worth]. As you probably already know, the doc was not crowd-sourced, instead fuelled by happy little clouds, life savings, puppy dreams, glitter, kindness, and the like, and as such, the process of getting the film physically out there to be watched, wasn't/isn’t as easy, as it might sound.

Red Dwarf: The Promised Land

Greetings, Ghostwatchers! #CraigsInIt #Spoilers Well, you know you're a Red Dwarf fan, when towards the tail-end of an unprompted review, you notice that you're randomly drinking a tin of fizzy mango & chilli craft pop, and realise the only place to mention it, is to cram it in, somewhere near the start. You know, drinking fresh mango juice..? Oh, forget it. Now, typically, I find it remarkable just how much a live recording or screening can differ from its subsequent broadcast. When I was fortunate enough to catch the first and final episodes of Series X being performed, a few years back, compared to their inaugural airings, the difference to me was almost night & day. Perhaps, after the mind has initially filled in those blanks otherwise set aside to be supplemented by movie magic, any other interpretation is naturally met with unconscious resistance. Even so, having now finally caught this completed, brand-spanking, feature-length instalment of old favouri