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"Kevin's sandwich! #Ghostwatch #NS13"

Greetings Ghostwatchers! This is just a quick note to say thank-you once again to everyone for making National Séance 2013 so memorable! The evening kicked off with composer Philip Appleby releasing his brand-spanking new remix of the original Ghostwatch theme , followed by our annual repeat screening, and due to popular demand, even a last-minute Q&A for Behind the Curtains , straight after. @Ghostwatch really appears to have entered the psyche of the British people, Happy anniversary everyone. Very proud to have been part of it. — Philip Appleby (@PhilipAppleby) October 31, 2013 And then came the Tweets. And more Tweets. And more Tweets. And then a few more. All night long. To check out a predictably-wide selection of some of the best, visit the @Ghostwatch Favourites list and scroll down to those dated, 31 October 2013 . @Ghostwatch @liamawriter Ghostwatch game: can you spot Pipes? — Jenny (@GameplayJenny) October 30, 2013 I