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Classic Fortean Times article resurrected!

Back when 'dialing up' the Internet required earplugs, and the once-glorious Teletext reigned supreme, there admittedly wasn't all that much in terms of online Ghostwatch -related reference material. Among those few classic web-pages, including Stephen Freestone's much-loved , Fortean Times magazine published a highly-informative piece written by Stephen Volk, that until very recently, could still be read, twelve years on. As that link now sadly appears to have dissolved entirely off the digital database, here it is presented in full for all your informative, and all-round research-related needs... Ghostwatch   Ten years ago, the BBC’s transmission of ghostwatch on halloween night, 1992, terrified the nation, raising some important issues about television’s relationship with its audience. To coincide with its release for the first time on DVD and video, Stephen Volk, the writer of the notorious TV drama, looks back at its origin and its unexp