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It goes without saying, the differences between television as we know it today compared to what was on offer back when Ghostwatch first aired are significant to say the least. Back then, there were no digital channels, and even satellite and cable TV were both still in the process of being first introduced to the masses. As requested, here is the full schedule for the four available terrestrial channels back on Hallowe'en Night, 1992 - and it's an impressive one at that. Which favourite shows do you remember? Let us know in the comments section, below!

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The new REVOX A77 MK lll is the best recorder that REVOX has ever made. A unique synthesis of reliable electronics and precision mechanics. It sets a new standard in tape recorder design and performance. While fully capable of meeting the most rigorous studio demands, its ease of operation also makes it the perfect choice for the serious enthusiast. If you've seen Ghostwatch , then the chances are you'll still be able to vividly recall the chilling voice recording scene in which the shredded voice of Pipes the ghost could first be heard. But something you might not be aware of is that the specific model reel-to-reel player used in the film is now a highly sought-after collector's item: the ReVox A77 Mk III .   Of Swiss design and construction , the A77 was at the higher end of the audio recording/playback range before the advent of digital sound, and is still held in high regard by audio engineers and enthusiasts alike. As stated in the audio commentary for Ghostwatc

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A brand-new, 'haunted' wallpaper for your desktops - available in the following sizes: 800 x 600 1024 x 768   1280 x 1024

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Did you know that Ghostwatch has been screened on BBC One, post-1992? ...Well, sort of.   In 2006, during the episode of Doctor Who entitled, Army of Ghosts , among the veteran TV presenters (no, not Parky, Sarah and Craig) covering a devastating, paranormal attack on the UK were Derek Acorah, Tricia Goddard and notably, Alistair Appleton who could be seen fronting the current affairs show... ' ghostwatch '. An interesting choice by writer, Russell T. Davis (an homage to the original film, perhaps..?). The production even went so far as to develop and release a companion flash game on the Beeb's website - a fun little hide-and-seek adventure that, ahem, features a cat being mistaken for a spook during a false sighting - but sadly, no reflection of Mr. Pipes in the kitchen window, shortly afterwards..!   Thanks to YouTube subscriber, Phil for mentioning it to us, and a big thank-you also to everyone for helping us pass a whopping 10,000 channel views ! Just a q