Friday, 1 October 2021

National Séance 2021 - 29 Years Later...

Greetings, Ghostwatchers!

Firstly, Happy Thirty Day Countdown to Hallowe'en Day!

I hope that you're all staying safe, having great fun already, and enjoying this wonderfully unique time of year.

Secondly, Happy Thirty Day Countdown to National Séance Day!

Surely, the second most wonderful annual event [if you're a Ghostwatcher]. I'm not sure if it's these authentic [circa 1992] Golden Wonder crisps I'm digging into, but I've recently started catching tiny glimpses of familiar faces who seem to be priming themselves to make one or two dimly-lit appearances on Twitter and Facebook in the run-up to the event. Can you identify them all..? Probably.

Thirdly, some news...