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Paranormal-ier Activity

The simple and yet engaging premise of Paranormal Activity , released in 2009, focused on a couple terrorized by a malevolent spirit in their new home. After generating a huge following thanks to some impressive filmmaking/performances and not to mention unstoppable word of mouth, (or, perhaps 'word of email'?) the inevitable sequel is now just months away.   Something truly remarkable in both the run-up and fallout of the film's release was just how many people started drawing comparisons with Ghostwatch . The director of the first film, Oren Peli, was even heard to remark in the April 1-7 2010 edition of Time Out magazine... Q: What currently unavailable films or TV shows would you love to see on DVD? A: Ghostwatch (1992) isn't available in the US, although I've already seen it. So, with that in mind, do check out this first trailer for PA2 . And try not to have sleepless nights...

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Do you happen to own an iPhone or iPod Touch? If your answer to that question is an ever-so slightly smug 'Mm-hmm', then here are two further Behind the Curtains -inspired haunted wallpapers to add to your collection! There are two ways you can upload the pics to your relevant device - either save them directly to your 'pod whilst connected to the Internet, or to your computer and then upload later through iTunes. Either way, just navigate to your personal Photo Library and hit 'Use as Wallpaper' for whichever pic you'd like to use. The files are being hosted on the GhostwatchBtC DeviantArt page - a great online art community that's well-worth checking out if you get the chance.

Not only can this gentleman hear an ant scratching its back legs at fifty yards...

If Sir Michael Parkinson's much-rumoured 1992 Best Actor nomination for Ghostwatch wasn't enough, now the Channel 4/Clover Films production 'Afghanistan: Behind Enemy Lines (Dispatches)' has been shortlisted for the Current Affairs category at this Sunday's Bafta Awards - mixed at Mikerophonics - the sound studio run by Ghostwatch's very own soundman, Mike Aiton . Here's wishing Mike and his team the best of luck for this Sunday!