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National Séance 2023

Greetings, Ghostwatchers! Happy Hallowe'en, and here's hoping you all enjoy National Séance later on this evening at 21:25 sharp. Or, should I say 21:28? Yes, for the first time in thirteen years, our annual live event shall commence a full three minutes later than expected following a truly remarkable discovery made by Ceefax Sleuth, Jason Robertson (better known as The Teletext Archeologist ) who, from two off-air recordings kindly donated for the upcoming 'On The Night' Blu-ray from Lawman Productions, has deftly extracted the precise time-code that marks exactly when Ghostwatch aired. Within micro moments of posting this news online, verification came via Paul Hayes on X, care of the programme's PasB. It seems as though, despite being listed for broadcast at 21:25, and its runtime being one hour, 30 minutes and 55 seconds long, apoximately 3 minutes each side were taken up by a combination of News and Sport beforehand, or bumpers leading up to Match of the