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And it's the book that you wrote, your account... of your investigation into this case.

Greetings, Ghostwatchers! A lot can happen in ten years. And twice-and-a-half as much in twenty-five. Even bearing that in mind, it's still fairly hard to believe, this year marks two landmark anniversaries. The 25th for Ghostwatch , and the 10th for Behind the Curtains. To celebrate this pair of legendary milestones, and all that the project has achieved so far, it is with great pleasure to announce the arrival of a brand-new publication released in honour of the occasion, the Ghostwatch: Behind the Curtains - 10th Anniversary Special . Clocking in at a hearty 68 pages, this perfect-bound A4 paperback is now available from Lulu, print-on-demand, in two options - standard Full Colour (£19.92 + p+p), or a reduced-price, Black-and-White edition (£9.99 + p+p).


Greetings, Ghostwatchers! As we all well know, a Twenty-fifth Anniversary only comes around four times in a century. It can be truly remarkable to consider just how much has transpired in what simultaneously feels like both an incomparably short and lengthy period of time. And boy, did this year's annual celebration of Ghostwatch take some unexpected twists and turns.