Sounds like a situation comedy..!

Coming soon to UK digital channel Dave (Friday 10th April at 9pm to be exact), Ghostwatch 'Interviewer', Craig Charles will return as slobby, space-bum Dave Lister for a special, three-part mini-series entitled, Red Dwarf: Back to Earth.

Following on from the cult, sci-fi comedy hit's eighth season (BtE now being its ninth), the story sees Craig as the last human being alive in the universe, finally returning home after a three-million year sojourn into deep space - with just senile computer, Holly, ironing-obsessed mechanoid, Kryten, the super-evolved Cat, hard-light hologram, Rimmer, and ex-girlfriend, Kristine Kochanski, for company.

Craig's appearence in Ghostwatch came shortly after the airing of Red Dwarf's fifth series on BBC 2, which also saw the spine-chilling television debut of the ever-menacing glove puppet, Mr. Flibble in the horror-centric episode, Quarantine.