Friday, 17 April 2009

Back To Mirth

Congratulations are in order for Craig Charles and company after a massive 2.6 million viewers tuned in for the recent Red Dwarf revival, Back to Earth, on digital channel, Dave. A figure, which according to the series' official website is now: "the highest-rated commissioned show on a digital network ever."

For those who missed the specials, it seemed that after having spent over three-million years in deep space, last surviving human, Dave Lister, hard-light hologram, Arnold Rimmer, super-cool, Cat and sanitation mechanoid, Kryten had finally returned home... but in classic, Red Dwarf tradition, there was a sting in the tale, as the hapless crew soon realised things were not as they should be...

An enjoyable trip down memory lane, the three-parter has led to speculation amongst fans that a new series, or even the long-rumoured Red Dwarf movie may soon follow...

...The End? The smeg, it is.

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