I should say that this tape is completely undoctored...

A big shout-out to the fine folks from Ganymede & Titan - the world's premier Red Dwarf fan-site - for helping put together the first ever Ghostwatch: Behind the Curtains podcast. ...Sorry, make that 'PipesCast'.

Actually, with this being the pilot episode, in a sense, it's more a DwarfCast, really (G&T's very own podcast for all things Red Dwarf-related). But why G&T, I hear you say...

Well, there seems to be an interesting correlation between Dwarfers and Ghostwatchers - due partly, I'm sure, to the spot-on performance by last surviving human Craig Charles as Ghostwatch's very own 'Interviewer'.

As a lifelong fan of the sci-fi comedy classic, the prospect of discussing both productions with my fellow Smeg Heads proved irresistible, and I'm happy to report that (in spite of the booze) some truly insightful observations and opinions have been preserved for prosperity.

Again, let me offer my sincerest thanks to Cappsy, Danny, Ian, Jo, Joey, Karl, Liam, Lisa, Marleen, Tanya and Seb for all their hard work and boundless f***ing generosity. Cheers, dudes!