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Greetings, Ghostwatchers!

Well, I did hope that we'd have some truly groovy news to share in time for National Séance, and here it is... Ghostwatch: Behind the Curtains is set to finally return, this time on Blu-Ray!

A reissue for the doc has been in the offing since... ooh, Prehistory, at the very least. It was wonderful to witness our film briefly shine on the unfathomably short-lived, BBC Store, last year (a future TV broadcast would also be lovely to behold, someday... ahem).

We have genuinely received so many requests for a re-release, and now, having sold out of DVDs, the time seems finally right to take the HD plunge. The doc was actually shot in Hi-Def, so short of some additional post-production to bring everything up to spec, there should be little issue in transferring the film to disc.

Update: The Indiegogo campaign to help bring the doc to Blu-ray is now ended. Huge thanks to everybody who took the time to share and contribute.
A downloadable version has also been under consideration, but for various, frankly incredible reasons, this would have necessitated enough practical reworking of the doc, that a physical media release ironically made far more sense, at this stage. Because of this, came the recent Twitter poll, with 'Blu-Ray' decidedly coming out on top of the votes. That said, the possibility of a download somewhere down the line isn't being ignored, but this particular aforementioned medium could afford a number of unique opportunities...

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From the beginning, Behind the Curtains has been an entirely Independent production. So, with that fortunately-brief explanation out of the way, here's a link for our exclusive crowdsource, sorry pre-order, over at Indiegogo - now live and raring to go, just in time for Hallowe'en.

The crowdsource shall run for 30 days, with spanking-new blu-ray copies, and signed posters on offer for all you lovely backers. But that's not all, as this edition has the potential to be something very special indeed.

For the first time, a number of much-sought special features are in the process of being investigated for inclusion - from the show's original broadcast trailer, continuity announcements, to Sarah Greene's fabled, reassuring visit to the Blue Peter studios, post-transmission. For more on what is currently hoped to be featured, head on over to our new page, and check out some sweet deets, my most-bodacious, radical, non-heinous dudes, etc. This all depends on how much we can raise, of course...

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The base figure is currently £2,000 for a no-frills HD re-release. Anything in excess of £5,000 should in theory make for an increasingly-comprehensive viewing experience.

Last word. I recently watched the doc for the first time in a very good while for QC, having put together the sparkling-new subtitle track. I'm pleased to say, I was pleasantly surprised(!) It's rarely easy evaluating your own work, particularly your first film, but I still genuinely remain so proud of everything that we accomplished. It was a tremendous adventure, helping bring Ghostwatch rightfully out of the shadows, not counting every aspect of production for the doc itself, and beyond.

I hope that you can join us on the latest, and perhaps cumulative leg of this long journey, Ghostwatchers. No worries if you can't right now, but if you could help spread the word, that would be ginormously appreciated. x

Look forward to seeing you all later on for National Séance 2018! Here's the pre-transmission Continuity Announcement, as usual. Feel free to play at 21:24, which should provide ample opportunity to authetify your introductory viewing experience. Most useful hashtag, of course is #Ghostwatch which you can add to each message to help keep the conversation in one place.

Do please share photos of your event, your own personal Ghostwatch Stories, and even any potential new Pipes sightings that might crop up on your PKE meters...

Wishing everyone a wicked Hallowe'en, Ghostwatchers, and until next time, as always, try not to have sleepless nights...