It's Hallowe'en Night, homebrew time...

Believe it or not, on October 31st 2010, Ghostwatch will turn eighteen years old. Sadly, this will also mean that during that time, we'll have yet to see a repeat screening of the show on UK television.

In response to this, and inspired by what has become something of an annual tradition for many fans, we hope that you will join us by taking part in the first-ever 'live' simultaneous repeat viewing, to take place later this month!

So, how will this work? Well, all you have to do is synchronise your watches and play your personal copy of Ghostwatch at precisely 21:25 on Hallowe'en Night!

And to help you host your very own Ghostwatch Birthday Party, here are ten simple-to-follow suggestions to help make yours a night to remember:

1. ALL day, in response to any unexpected/strange sound, say with a wry grin, "Maybe our poltergeist, eh, Dr. Pascoe?"

2. In advance of the show starting, all curtains in the room should be drawn closed, and the lighting set as low as you like (don't forget to check inside the cupboard under the stairs while you're at it).

3. If hosting a before/after party, appropriate background music should be played (i.e. Dick Limerick Academy's 'Ghostwatch' track).

4. Your personal DVD/VHS copy of Ghostwatch must start at 21:25pm precisely - just like in 1992.

5. Shortly before 'transmission', play the video that accompanies this article for added effect/authenticity (thanks to BtC supporter, Stephen for uploading!)

6. Before/during/after the show, you and your guests should talk about how great TV was back in the early nineties, and how we'll surely never see shows of this calibre again.

7. Ghostwatch munchables should include the Early Family Special: orange juice, cola and "plenty of crisps".

8. Every Pipes Sighting should be acknowledged and more importantly, appreciated for its technical merit.

9. After the show has finished, all breathe a sigh of relief/resign yourself to not getting much sleep (credit to Lil for that one!)

10. Get in touch with us at Behind the Curtains to let us know how your screening went! Send us pics, messages, or tweet about the show live while it happens with the tag #ghostwatch.

Looking forward as ever to hearing from you, Ghostwatchers! As always, many thanks for your continued support, have the happiest Hallowe'en... and try not to have sleepless nights.


  1. I'll be there! Though I would change #9 from "breathe a sigh of relief" to "resign yourself to not getting much sleep" :D

  2. What a class idea! I love the point about being nostalgic about the television in the nineties and how it'll never be the same again! So true!

    As regards the Pipes sightings and the technical merits of his subtle inclusions, only today I saw all the sightings in slow motion and it's really amazing how brief yet powerful they are.

  3. Didn't even know about this site until a nice gent called Arfon pointed me in it's direction...

    Tonight I watched Ghostwatch - a few days before Hallowe'en I know - for the first time since the original airing which is lodged in the "scary from a while ago" section of my memory that's usually fequented by all manner of Doctor Who monsters.

    That's one chilling drama. Very cleverly, it even mimics the somewhat muddled air of a BBC live broadcast of the time; to very good effect. This time - as opposed to last time - I know it's a drama before watching; back in what... 1992 (?) I had no idea. The odd thing is, its spooked me more now than it did back then. I don't see a lot of sleep happening tonight... but that's the whole idea, isn;t it? VERY well done especially for something done as far back as the early nineties with the technology at their disposal back then. Great, GREAT stuff.


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